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          Ningbo Loncin Biotechnology Co.,Ltd
          Mr wang General manager
          Phone: +86-13516787556/18969818106
          Tel/Fax: +86-574-88322367
          QQ: 29527111
          E-mail: sales@loncinbio.com
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          Ningbo Loncin Biotechnology Co.,LtdLocated in the East China Sea coast of Ningbo City, the company mainly R & D, production and sales of amino acids and their derivatives products, sales agents and well-known vitamins, sweeteners, plant extracts. With more than ten years of industry experience, the company since its inception has been committed to the development of new technologies, now has its own research and development team and in line with ISO, HACCP, GMP requirements of the production base. Amino acid products according to AJI, USP, EP, FCC and other international standards for production, special production and processing can be performed in accordance with customer requirements, the production process strictly follow the scientific and standardized operational procedures, monitor the entire plant from raw material procurement to final product into a library of all link, to ensure that we provide a stable high-quality products to market. Welcome domestic and foreign colleagues came to discuss cooperation.

          Ningbo Loncin Biotechnology Co.,Ltd  Mr wang General manager  Phone: +86-13516787556/18969818106 Tel/Fax: +86-574-88322367 E-mail: sales@loncinbio.com

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